Katie Mahoney

Co - Chair, Church Council

Pam Mount

Co - Chair, Church Council

Eve Cook

Co - Chair, Nurture

Ashley Shortall 

Co - Chair, Nurture

Jim Hill

Lay Representative to Annual Conference/Lay Leader

Melissa Jarrell 

Chair, Staff/Pastor Parish Relations Committee

Billy Jarrell

Chair, Finance

Cathy Bouras 

Lay Representative to Annual Conference

Heather Feus 

Chair, Children's Ministries

Traci Riley

Chair, Student Ministries

Michael Hesbach 

Chair, Missions & Outreach

Val May

Chair, Trustees

Wendell Prosser 

Chair, Weekday Children's Ministry

Brittany Waller

Chair, Women's Committee

Brandon DuRant

Chair of United Methodist Men

Charlotte Messier

Co - Chair, Worship Committee

Carol Albert

Co - Chair, Worship Committee

Sean Newell

Scouting Ministry

Tara Jeffords

Epworth Representative

Harriett McClam 

Recording Secretary