Our Story

Highland Park was established on August 25, 1957 by faithful and committed people. In the spring of 1959, the Lazar family of Florence granted a field of property on Second Loop Road to a group of charter members and families.

These people took the field and their dreams for a new Methodist church and formed Highland Park. It has been in this place that a taste of the Kingdom of Heaven has been experienced by those who enter its doors. We are a congregation who represent all ages and walks of life. Highland Park is about people sharing God's love with one another. Visitors are often heard to say, "I felt welcomed and loved."

Members of Highland Park today continue to dream God's dream for the future. They continue to strive to follow the leading of Jesus Christ into the future. It is a future filled with hope and promise. If you are searching for a church home, we at Highland Park would love for you to become a part of our family.